After 5 months, plans for Batch 2

Barb Grossenbacher / 21. 2. 2018


As Edelwhite Gin became popular, it was clear to Barb and Sandra that their first batch would not last until Christmas. They carefully calculated their recipe for a double batch, and approached Bruno with their proposition. Bruno was quick to agree to take out his distillation truck, and for the first time distill right in front of his house, on the main street in Entlebuch.

Passers-by welcome

Bruno’s transport was put away for the winter, and a revision was done after season’s end. It was unique for him to distill in the autumn instead of springtime, but of course Barb and Sandra didn’t take „No“ for an answer. Bruno screwed back the nuts and bolts and put his copper pot traditional still back together for Batch 2. Parked in front of his house it was quite a site for locals, tourists and pedestrians.

Early morning roll call

In the wee hours of the morning Barb and Sandra delivered their freshly picked and prepared botanicals, and Bruno was ready, firing up his still with wood as had been done for the past 100 years. This is one of the special touches that impresses professionals about Edelwhite’s uniqueness. There is nothing industrial or commercial about this product. It is honest, with pure botanicals, and distilled in a traditional manner.

Taste the seasons

Barb and Sandra knew that despite the recipe being 1-1 with their springtime recipe, their Batch 2 would not come out tasting 100% like Batch 1. The spring does not taste like the summer, nor the fall or winter. This is what is exciting about gin, what makes it both a challenge and rewarding at the same time. To choose the right combination of botanicals of utmost quality and then distill them with care to produce the most elegant and qualitative product possible.