Good Things Come in Threes

Barb Grossenbacher / 9. Mai 2018


Almost one year to the day of the birth of Edelwhite Gin Batch 1, it was time to let the people of Entlebuch join in and be a part Batch 3 Distillation Day.

See, Smell and Taste Edelwhite Gin «on site

It is not an uncommon site to see Bruno’s mobile distilling truck traveling through the Entlebuch Valley. It was, however, an exceptional experience for the people of the village to see it ready and fired up in the parking lot of Hotel Drei Könige! Throughout the day residents came by to chat with Barb, Sandra and Bruno and learn about the Edelwhite’s story, the distillation process, and gin in general. They were invited to taste the fresh product direct from the tap, so to say. Distillation day ended with smiling faces and Barb and Sandra were pleased that Batch 3 was definitely worthy of the label Edelwhite Gin.

Batch 3 Anticipation

Although the recipe for the Original Edelwhite Gin is, and will remain the same Batch after Batch, it is a natural product that is distilled in a traditional way. This means that each and every batch will vary slightly, depending on the ripeness of the Edewhite potpourri of botanicals, and distilling differences of temperature, time and volume.