Berlin International Spirits Competition 2018

Barb Grossenbacher / 4. 3. 2018

Bronze for Edelwhite Original, Silver for Edelwhite 57

The Icing on the Cake

After 2 competitions in the UK, Barb and Sandra decided to test what the German market had to say about their prided products. Samples of both the Original 42% Edelwhite Gin accompanied by the freshly bottled Edelwhite 57 Navy Strength (57%abv) made their way to Berlin to be tested by highly regarded industry professionals.

Berlin Judging Panel, unique in many ways

What sets the Berlin Competition apart from other international beverage competitions is the

trade only blind judging panel. Judges are retail store buyers, sommeliers, restaurant beverage directors, hoteliers, distributors, mixologists, and importers from around Europe- Austria, UK, France, Italy, Denmark, the Netherlands, Sweden, Germany and more. Each judging panel is assembled with a mix of different disciplines so multiple viewpoints are considered in the evaluation of the spirits.

Not just another Award

It is important to note that entering an competition does not give a product a free ticket to an award. Each country and each judging panel are unique. The usual ratio of entries to awards is 25%. Knowing this, it is reason enough to celebrate each and every medal of recognition that Edelwhite Gin receives! Barb and Sandra were honored with a further Bronze Medal for Edelwhite Gin, and even more ecstatic at their „57“ creation being awarded a Silver Medal in such an esteemed competition.

Motivation for 2018

Starting the year off with a bang, accepting the prize of Best Swiss London Dry Gin at the World Gin Awards, followed by Berlin’s Silver and Bronze, is reason enough to plan for what the rest of year holds in store for Edelwhite Gin. Distillation will start as soon as Mother Nature provides the botanicals needed for production of Batch 3 and 4.