Edelwhite Gin Presentation

Barb Grossenbacher / 8. 7. 2017


Seven weeks after distillation the time finally arrived for Barb and Sandra to officially present their Edelwhite Gin to the public

On July 1st, members of the press, family, friends and neighbors were invited to celebrate the first public presentation of Edelwhite Gin in Landgasthof Drei Könige, in Entlebuch. The guests were greeted with a gin cocktail, and then viewed photos, books and fresh botanicals all used in the preparation and distillation of Edelwhite Gin.

More than meets the eye.

During a 45 minutes presentation, Barb made it clear to the listeners, that this was a well thought out, researched project, actually the thesis to her Wine Academy schooling in Rust, Austria. She thanked her son Mark for his company branding concept, and Bruno Limacher for his distillation talent and patience. Sandra Limacher, responsible for the recipe and gathering of botanicals stood beside Barb for the past months, and was from Day 1 a key person in Edelwhite Gin’s creation. A special place in the project was from the Heilpädagogische Center in Schüpfheim that assisted in making cords and fabric bags for the Edelwhite Gin bottles. Barb took the guests back through 450 years of Gin's history, up to modern day gin making. Production techniques and the various distillation processes of gin were talked about, as the attentive guests soaked up the information (while sipping on 1 or 2 G&Ts. )

From Botanicals to the Bottle

Barb’s thesis was named from Botanicals to the Bottle, and Sandra introduced the guests to the world of botanical in a lively narrative. She made clear how important it was that in the final recipe that the majority of the ingredients (botanicals) were of local origin. Nearly all 14 of the 27 botanicals were foraged by family and friends in local meadows, fields and mountainsides. The chosen botanicals were there for a reason, both for taste, aroma and for their fragrance message as well.

Message of Fragrance

Sandra took the floor with an inspiring story about her role in Edelwhite Gin. She captured the listeners interest when she named Juniper the King in the recipe, and the other botanicals the ladies-in-waiting, whose job was to serve the King. Sandra made it clear that the botanicals found in Edelwhite are there for a reason, be it for flavour, mouthfeel, medicinal or to round off complexity.

Time to mingle

After the presentation Barb, Sandra, Bruno and Mark took time to mingle with the guests and answer all the of many questions they had about the newly baptized gin named Edelwhite. At the „Make your own G&T bar“ guests stayed till the wee hours of the morning, philosophizing about this newly distilled gin