Gourmet Expo in Zurich

Barb Grossenbacher / 13. – 16. September 2018

Edelwhite has become an everyday word in Entlebuch and Central Switzerland, but it was time to take it to the big city!

The Gourmesse in Zurich www.gourmesse.ch is a meeting place of a gourmet products from truffles, champagne and caviar to Edelwhite Gin, cheese and chocolate.

During four days over 80 small producers from near and far find their way to the big city once a year to proudly show their products to a new and inquisitive public. Over 10’000 people passed through the stands, tasting, testing and buying new and known specialties, all under one roof.

Edelwhite Gin holds up to even the most critical tasters.

It was with great anticipation that Edelwhite Gin was present at the Gourmesse, able to meet customers face to face, and tell their story. Passers-by smiled and were impressed with the typi- cally Swiss decorated stand, and were happy to test and taste the Batch 3 Gin. The enthusiasm shown by the people was somewhat overwhelming. Smiling faces, compliments and thumbs up proved, once again that Edelwhite Gin was not just a small town local product, but rather one that was highly regarded by even the most critical gin experts.

Gin bottles at gourmesse zurich
Edelwhite Gin at gourmesse Best Swiss Gin at Gourmesse