Edelwhite Gin and the Media

Schweizer Bauer
Mai 2018
Text: Therese Krähenbühl 
translation: Barb Grossenbacher

«Oh, I can smell your mountains!»

One year ago, Barb Grossenbacher and Sandra Limacher from Entlebuch LU, created Edelwhite Gin. What began as a thesis project for the Weinakademie in Austria, turned into a success story.  Read the article here (in German)

February 2018
Text: Redaktion Zentralplus

And the Best Gin comes from …

An online news site for Lucerne and Zug featured Edelwhite Gin and the story behind the trip to the London World Gin Awards on their website. They valued informing their readers of the local origin of the majority of the botanicals used in the recipe. Read the article here (in German)

Mein Entlebuch
January 2018
Text: Sandra Steffen-Odermatt

Die Kraft der Alpenkräuter

A local magazine loaded with information about the Biosphere Entlebuch that featured Edelwhite Gin that started out as a project done by Barb Grossenbacher and Sandra Limacher. January 1st, 2018 Text: Sandra Steffen-Odermatt. The Power of Alpine Herbs. Read the article here (in German)

Entlebucher Anzeiger
November 2017
Text: Sandra Steffen-Odermatt

Der zweite Edelwhite-Gin-Batch ist gebrannt worden.

The second Edelwhite Gin batch has been distilled. Because of low stock it was necessary for Edelwhite Gin to gather autumn botanicals together to distill their second batch of Gin in November. Read the article here (in German)

Bild: Roger Grütter (Entlebuch, 15. August 2017)

Luzerner Zeitung
September 2017
Text: Andreas Bättig

Entlebuch is popular for its herbs and berries.

Barb Grossenbacher used more than a dozen regional botanicals to distill a new gin – one that received an international award. Read the article here (in German)

Bauern Zeitung
July 2017
Text: Sandra Steffen-Odermatt

Ein Entlebucher Kräuter-Gin

A herbal gin from Entlebuch Read the article here (in German)

Entlebucher Anzeiger
July  2017
Text und Bild Sandra Steffen-Odermatt

Meisterstück aus der Region

A regional masterpiece.  Read the article here (in German)