San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2018


America, The Land of Opportunity

San Francisco here we come!

After successful competitions in London and Berlin, Edelwhite Gin 57 made it’s way to the San Francisco World Spirits Competition in a unique way. The technicalities of sending a spirit from country to county is both complicated and expensive. Border control and duty must by paid, packaging rules are defined, and import can only be performed by registered companies.

A Friend of a Friend of a Friend delivers Edelwhite to San Francisco

Edelwhite 57 made it’s way to San Francisco carefully packed in a suitcase, legally claimed by customs, and then left for courier pick up at a hotel. With all of the logistics involved the waiting game began once again for the results.

The San Francisco World Spirits Competition

With nearly two decades of experience, the SFWSC has become one of the world’s most respected spirits competitions due in large part to their esteemed judging panel. Each with a distinct story and trusted palate, these seasoned experts are one of the reasons an SFWSC medal indicates the highest caliber of quality.

Bronze Medal for Edelwhite 57

Not only in London and Berlin, but now acclaimed with a Bronze Medal in San Francisco, Edelwhite Gin has made it’s way into the hearts and tastebuds of the USA.