Three Cents Aegean Tonic – 4er Pack 200 ml

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Capturing the Mediterranean fragrances in a bottle full of bubbles and natural aromas.

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Three Cents Aegean Tonic

Three Cents Aegean Tonic Water is as light and refreshing as the Mediterranean Sea breeze. A pleasant revitalizing tonic water made by high quality natural quinine, cucumber, basil and other herbs, spices and citruses from the Greek land. A tonic water so invigorating and sharp that will bring your long drinks and cocktails to life.


Alkoholgehalt 0%vol

Flascheninhalt 200 ml

Herkunft London, UK

Abfüller Three Cents Ltd.

Marke Three Cents

Typ Tonic Water

Anwendung Edelwhite Gin & Tonic – Gurken und Basilikum Garnitur