Three Cents Tonic Water – 4er Pack 200 ml

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Like all Three Cents sodas the Tonic Water is created by pumping carbon dioxide into the drink at high pressure so as to remain extra fizzy for a longer period of time.

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Three Cents Tonic Water

Three Cents Tonic Water was created to elevate your gin & tonic experience to new heights. It is produced by combining the finest spring water with high quality natural quinine with very little natural aromas so as to maintain the aromatic profile of each gin.


Alkoholgehalt 0%vol

Flascheninhalt 200 ml

Herkunft London, UK

Abfüller Three Cents Ltd.

Marke Three Cents

Typ Tonic Water

Anwendung Edelwhite Gin & Tonic – Essbare Blumen oder frische Früchte Garnitur